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Apex (Ben Bracken #2)Apex by Robert Parker
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I have to be careful here for fear of you thinking I am a crazed fan who's madly in love with the fictional Ben B, or even the Author Robert Parker! Calm down people! I just love the sarcasm, the action and the uneven moral code of a character that's like no other superman I've ever heard of!

This next tale sees Ben, stirred into action by his unceasing devotion to his nation, even after said 'nation' saw fit to imprison him in the last book.
It is Jeremiah of the National Crime Agency, who lights the fire of his patriotism once more and sends him hurtling into his next mission with little time to catch his breath from the last one!
From custom built, untraceable secret phones 'Cryptocall' to 'Hallo Kittie' snorkel head gear, he rushes to his next quest with hastily improvised equipment and little knowledge of what awaits him when he gets there.
Robert Parker's style of writing will immediately place images in your mind and the artistic embellishment of every phrase gives detail and meaning to each scene. Phrases like 'the ocean is an eager eater of secrets,' immediately transforms a postcard image into a dangerous expedition involving a cunning, powerful and unpredictable foe!

The fact that 30 feet underwater a pocket of air from an ancient time becomes the difference between him being spotted by the antagonists, or drowning before that, makes you realise again, the unique and the unexpected turns you will experience as you shadow Ben Bracken.
Ben Bracken is unlike any James Bond, Superman, Thor or Batman you have ever encountered. In my head he's a six footer, permanent stubble, Clint Eastwood eyes, and a pert butt! He is a 'grown up' super-hero, and as you and I know, that's the only way to fly!!

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Dragonman: Face of the UnknownDragonman: Face of the Unknown by Ted Lazaris
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is an edge of the seat story, which begins smack bang in the middle of an apocalyptic event. The end of the world is a topic which has intrigued mankind since the beginning of time, but in this story it is just the beginning; not the final annihilation of humankind. The foreign object hurtling towards the earth is merely the first sting of a battle that will consume the heavens above and the earth below.
The threat introduces the DragonMan; a superhero already living on our planet, with access to different worlds such as ‘Spellville’; and he is not alone with his incredible abilities, of which more are revealed as the story continues. His family, with which he runs the family business ‘Starr Investigations’, are also endowed with their own fascinating skills, which invite further investigations of their own. Other characters from Spellville include ’Plupee’ and ‘Dooley’ who add a little light comedy in the midst of such dark and dangerous occurrences. Another lead character is Nathan, who has no abilities except for his skill with a pen. Luke and Nathan's lives become intertwined in the midst of the first catastrophe, and when Nathan has a series of personal disasters, he seeks out their firm for help. Thus begins a rollercoaster of explosive tragedies, spectacular fantasy, and murder mystery. The Author leads you through each one in a well written, intriguing and captivating way.

In summary I would advise that you set the scene to read this novel. Get your cocoa, your pyjamas, and go to your private place; switch off the tv and ignore the kids for a while, and step into Ted Lazaris complex and fascinating world of the unusual, the bizarre, and the downright terrifying creatures you are about to meet.

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