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Sunday, 7 September 2014

Meet My Character Blog Tour

Hi all! I’d like to thank Andrea Buginsky and Mike Kilroy for tagging me in this “Meet My Character” blog tour. I'm going to feature my favourite teenage human with vampire parents, Aecia. First, a little about Andrea and Mike:


I am a freelance writer with a BA in Mass Communication-Journalism from the University of South Florida. I have been writing web copy for over three years. I have always wanted to be a published writer, and decided to try to write children's fantasy books a few years ago. "The Chosen" is my first book, and was released on December 14, 2010, to my delight.

I have written three more books since:
"My Open Heart," an autobiography of growing up with heart disease.
"Nature's Unbalance: The Chosen, Book 2"
"Destiny," a YA fantasy
I am currently writing the second book in the New Avalon series and editing the third book of The Chosen series.
I live in Kansas with my family, which includes my two precious puppies. They are my babies.  Website  Facebook Twitter


Since he wrote his first book at the age of 8 about "The Venusians" for a school project, Mike Kilroy has been hooked on writing. An award-winning journalist for more than two decades, Kilroy has now authored two novels: the best-selling, post-apocalyptic tome "Nine Meals," and the swashbuckling YA science fiction tale "The 17."

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Now To Meet My Character

1) What is the name of your character?  Is he/she fictional or a historic person? 

Aecia is a fictional character but having been a teen, having worked with teens, and having given birth to three of the little darlings, I consider myself a semi-expert, almost....maybe....

2) When and where is the story set?

The story is set in 3014 on an Earth where evolution has ensured that the world is now controlled by vampires. Let's face it, it was always going to happen, just a matter of time!

3) What should we know about him/her? 

Aecia is a typical teenager in every respect, and if she was on Earth today she would be listening to Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, or Miley Cyrus, depending on her preference. She'd be falling in an out of love, arguing and making up with best friends, completely ignoring mum's request to tidy the bedroom, and all the rest of a teenager's totally normal and fun-filled life! She is very bright, adaptable, and a point a reviewer made about her, that I was unaware of, was that she is a little spoiled in a weird, life threateningly and fearful kind of a way. I guess her 'disability,' which is the fact that she is a throwback Human borne of Vampires, has meant that she has been protected by loved ones all her life, and had their complete attention.

4) What is the main conflict? What messes up his/her life?

I hinted at this in the last answer I gave, and it is, of course, that she is Human in an all Vampire civilisation. Her whole life is a huge theatrical lie, and she is very lonely and cut off from her own age-group within it. She has no friends because she can tell no one of her true condition – one slip of the tongue could cost her her life. She doesn't get to live in the daylight, but exists throughout the night with all the other vampires, and has to wear a number of uncomfortable and bizarre accessories to protect her secret. The picture above is something that happens to her further along in the story, and the fact that it is daylight tells you that it is not a normal occurrence

5) What is the personal goal of the character?

She longs for a friend she could be truthful with, and she longs for a world where she is exactly the same as everyone else. She is sick of drinking clone blood and sneaking real food when she can, and she is worn-out with the lies and deceit.

6) Is there a working title for this novel, and can we read more about it?

Sure, the title is Only Human and it is available on Kindle and as a paperback here:

Have you ever felt so different and alienated from those around you that you would do anything to appear the same, even if you hated the way that they lived? Would you go so far as to drink human blood, wear grotesque fangs, and gold/black contacts just to conceal the life and brightness shining within your own blue eyes? 
Teenager Aecia is so isolated and desperate that she talks to her diary as though it was a real human friend. She wears neutraliser to conceal her human smell; whitener to deaden her pink and healthy human skin, and drinks the warm, thick life's-blood of another of her own species, just to go unnoticed and escape death at the hands of members of her own clan family! Aecia has not experienced the joy and freedom of a breezy summer day; has never had a picnic on the park, and watched the sun filter through the leaves of the trees onto her face. No; Aecia must live her life through the deep darkness of night; she must pretend to fear the glorious rays of the sun, and cower at the sound of the birds celebrating the dawn. 
Her traumatic and time-consuming theatrical performance every night of her life is simply because she is human, and must live in a sadistic vampire world. She is a throwback; a deformity, and a curious case of two members of the same species producing a different one! She is a cuckoo amongst her people. 
Walk with Aecia as she meets her first love. Feel her confusion as she dares to wonder if he is human too? Experience her terror when she finally uncovers the truth about her own origin, and finds that it is enough to shake the foundations of the cruel vampire regime forever!

Book Two The Blood Wars - Crystal Secret can be found here:

Aecia has enjoyed her freedom as a human for only a few short months when her uncle Kasen goes missing! Fearing the worst, she embarks on yet another dangerous quest with her family and friends, and they are hurtled into a vicious conflict which will become as historic as The Great War, in which the bloodthirsty vamps were the absolute victors. 

These are the first battles of The Blood Wars, and the secrets they uncover will terrify Aecia's soul, and plunge her into an age of confusion, life-threatening danger, and quivering doubts about the one truth she holds as sacred inside her heart; the fact that she is Only Human!

7) When can we expect the book to be published?

I'm about half-way through Book Three in the series and I'll be sure to let you know as soon as it is done. Thanks for inviting me to participate in this fun Blog Hop Andrea!

Hope you all I enjoyed a peek into Aecia's life, and thanks so much for taking the time to read this! I'd like to introduce the next Author along in the hop – A friend, colleague, and totally brilliant author  of Young Adult Fantasy - Sheenah Freitas.

A neek at heart, Sheenah Freitas has a love for the whimsical and magical. She looks to animated Disney movies and Studio Ghibli films for inspiration because of the innovative twists on fairytales, strong story structures, and character studies. When not writing, you might find her in a forest where she’s yet to find any enchanted castles.

FaceBook Twitter Tumblir All Sheenah's Books – Amazon

  The Chosen By Sheenah Freitas           


The Number By Sheenah Freitas

Gripping Read!!

Dragonman: Face of the UnknownDragonman: Face of the Unknown by Ted Lazaris
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is an edge of the seat story, which begins smack bang in the middle of an apocalyptic event. The end of the world is a topic which has intrigued mankind since the beginning of time, but in this story it is just the beginning; not the final annihilation of humankind. The foreign object hurtling towards the earth is merely the first sting of a battle that will consume the heavens above and the earth below.
The threat introduces the DragonMan; a superhero already living on our planet, with access to different worlds such as ‘Spellville’; and he is not alone with his incredible abilities, of which more are revealed as the story continues. His family, with which he runs the family business ‘Starr Investigations’, are also endowed with their own fascinating skills, which invite further investigations of their own. Other characters from Spellville include ’Plupee’ and ‘Dooley’ who add a little light comedy in the midst of such dark and dangerous occurrences. Another lead character is Nathan, who has no abilities except for his skill with a pen. Luke and Nathan's lives become intertwined in the midst of the first catastrophe, and when Nathan has a series of personal disasters, he seeks out their firm for help. Thus begins a rollercoaster of explosive tragedies, spectacular fantasy, and murder mystery. The Author leads you through each one in a well written, intriguing and captivating way.

In summary I would advise that you set the scene to read this novel. Get your cocoa, your pyjamas, and go to your private place; switch off the tv and ignore the kids for a while, and step into Ted Lazaris complex and fascinating world of the unusual, the bizarre, and the downright terrifying creatures you are about to meet.

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