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Saturday, 23 March 2013

Only Human Available to Buy Now (and new cover).

Hi again! It's March 23, Saturday, and the Ebook is now available to buy! First I'd like to thank Kelly Walker for her brilliant book cover and logo, which I'll use for any promotional products:

Really cool Kelly, thanks!
I've been dying to get this book out and see what everybody thinks of it. I thought I'd post another excerpt to give you more of an insight into 14 year old 'human' Aecia's life. This is when she has to go on her mandatory school trip to 'The Ordinatio' where she will meet some of the Vampire Government 'The Elders'.
She is not looking forward to this, as you can imagine, and things don't go to plan, as usual:


19.01 3012
It’s the field trip to The Capital tonight friend. I am shaking from head to toe as I’m getting ready. Mother and father are worse than me; in fact, I wouldn’t be in such a state if they had left me alone to get through it myself.
No-one must be allowed near my backpack, in case my ‘accessories,’ are discovered, i.e. neutralizer, spare fangs and contacts. I must do bathroom checks as often as possible, to check I’m not melting! (The whitener can smudge if I’m hot). I must stay at the back of the class when we enter the Ordinatio building, and under no circumstances must I speak directly to any of the Elders. One last thing; I need to consume at least four pints of Clone blood a day, in public, to convince all concerned that I am a full blown, dead as a doornail, blood sucking, Vampire girl! This is not going to be easy! Garok is here; got to go, talk to you later friend.
We are on our way Amica! I am on the train and trying to look excited as we trundle along to The Capital. The worst thing happened as we were boarding the train at Manx station. I didn’t notice her, but Simone and crew were right behind Garok and I. As Garok sat down she elbowed me out of the way and sat right next to him.
He got up of course, but by this time there were another pile of students pushing behind us. It was chaos, everyone was trying to get window seats or sit with their own group. Mrs Greko eventually yelled with that nervous, wobbly voice she uses, and ordered us all to sit where we were, right that second! That wouldn’t have made the slightest bit of difference normally, but the train conductor was coming up behind her. This seven foot vamp is a cross between an ancient sabre toothed tiger and a giant walrus. Not to be messed with!
That is how I have ended up here next to Lunar, daughter of Sidik.  She’s okay I guess, I’ve known her since I was eleven, but I’ve never really spoken to her. She’s a little like me, and doesn’t mix if she can help it. She is writing in a journal too, maybe she’s a lot like me? Could she be human?
Oh my, I’m losing the plot altogether, I’m still not even sure if Garok is human, let alone anyone else. You are unquestionably human Amica! I see you in my heart and mind everywhere I go. You are sitting with me right now, with your sweet smile and understanding eyes. You have long, yellow hair, brown eyes and an hour-glass figure. You come alive in the day as we sleep, and dance around the barren and forbidden lands. You eat anything you like, and you long for the day Garok and I can join you, and build a new world in the sunshine! See! You are so real to me that I have even told Garok about you. It is best he knows I have a creative and romantic mind, or simply that I’m bonkers. That is up to him.
I wonder what Simone is saying to him? They are two rows in front of me but on the opposite side. All I can see is her head bobbing up and down as she talks and gestures with her hands. That bitchy moron, better keep her hands off my mate! He seems to be just looking out of the window most of the time. She’s so pretty though, how can he resist?
She is a category one student, (first class by default, through her clan’s status). She wouldn’t be within a mile of a third class student normally. What is she playing at? How much longer are we on this stupid train anyway? I’m signing off for a bit friend. Got to keep my eye on the enemy, who’s currently sizing up my man!
We have arrived at last, thank God! If I had to watch that vixen drooling over Garok for one more minute, I wouldn’t be responsible for my actions. It’s three a.m. and there’s just time to descend to The Underground B&B, eat something and get to the pit.
We are all having supper together apparently, including the teachers, so I’m going to have to be extremely careful. I must drink at least one bottle of blood and act like I’m thoroughly enjoying it. Vamp adults are open and almost savage when they eat. It seems when the D.N.A. reaches maturity and is no longer distracted with the mammoth task of growing, the entire instinct of the Vampire is complete and is very difficult to control.
After the Great War, hundreds of years ago, the world was in a state of anarchy. Vampires had been fighting and killing for over a hundred years, and all of their vilest instincts were brought to the fore. It was why they were triumphant. How could they lose when they felt no emotion or compassion? They bulldozed over the human race with no remorse, and it was the human’s, actual humanity that killed them. They were crippled with pain and loss, pummelled and manipulated by the Vampires so badly that they would have done anything for the pain to stop.
How come I always seem to be spouting history at you friend? My point was that the Vampires didn’t know how to control their wild behaviour and began killing each other. The Elders in the Ordinatio, (government) were there during the vamp’s victory, and were the first of the Vamps to restore order and create laws. They introduced the programme of self-discipline through ‘Controlare’. It includes, isolating oneself as soon as the madness tries to take over; repeated physical exercise, meditation, and a diet which is double the amount of blood usually consumed. It worked for the most part, and the vamp’s true nature only peeps out of its cage a little during mealtimes. Phew, glad to have gotten that off my chest. Can you tell I adore history Amica?

Hope you like it, and if you want to read more, it is just £2.04 to download on Amazon kindle right now.

I will be doing a promotion shortly and I'll keep you informed.
Bye for now.

Only Human is FREE to download from 04/26/2013 until 04/28/2013.
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